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 ====== Motor Repair ====== ====== Motor Repair ======
 +Per <​R.15.a.ii>​ in the VEX game manual, external motor wires may be repaired. ​ There are a number of ways to repair broken wires; the most common wire failure is broken connector pins.  These can be repaired by:
 +  * Soldering a short piece of solid wire to the existing connector;
 +  * Splicing a good set of connectors in, the most common source of repair parts for this is official extension wires;
 +  * Replacing the broken pins with new pins.
 +Internal repairs are possible, but the legality is questionable. ​ However, so long as the original functionality and capabilities of the motor are maintained, and any overload mechanisms are not removed, it would be very difficult to distinguish between a well-done internal repair and an untouched motor. ​ To be safe and to ensure not running afoul of any rules, any internally repaired motors should not be used for competition.
 ===== Broken Pins ===== ===== Broken Pins =====
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