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-====== Game Control ======+====== (Field Controllers) ======
-===== VEXnet Competition Switch ===== 
-{{:vex_edr:vexnet_field_controllers:competition_switch.jpg?nolink&200 |VEXnet competition switch}} 
-For any competition team, the [[|VEXnet Competition Switch]] is a must-have ($20; hold a bake sale if you have to!). This is a scaled-down version of the $150 [[|VEXnet Field Controller Kit]] (which consists of 2 competition switches, another component to connect said switches, a bunch of cables). The $150 is not in most teams' price range, and most teams do not need all of that technology. However, $20 for a single switch was awesome. 
-When a competition program is loaded on a robot and it's turned on, it will run the autonomous program //immediately//, and then flip itself over to driver control. If all one wants is to practice driving, this is a pain in the neck. If all one wants to do is work on autonomous, this is a pain in the neck when things go south and someone needs to cut the power in the middle of the 15 seconds. 
-Enter the competition switch! The switch has <strong>2 toggles</strong> on it: one for **Driver/Autonomous**, and one for **Enabled/Disabled**. For drive-practice only, one would connect this switch to the joystick (in the "Competition" port, just like at a tournament) and switch it to "Driver" and "Enabled". To simulate match play, a team member can hold the switch and turn it to "Disabled" at the end of 1:45. 
-For testing and perfecting autonomous code, being able to shut down the works in the middle of the show is invaluable when one hears grinding gears, or the robot is driving into the perimeter, and so on. Being able to stop in the middle is helpful if one is trying to perfect, say, just the first 5 seconds of movement. The competition switch allows a team to run that first bit of autonomous repeatedly without a lot of wasted time, and without someone having to grab the robot and turn it off mid-way. Just like with driver control, the team member in charge of the switch can be monitoring the time and switch it to "Disabled" at the end of 0:15. 
-For any team that has a competition program with an autonomous section, add this item to your Christmas list. 
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