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VEX U Competition Overview

VEX U is the portion of the VEX Robotics Competition for Colleges and Universities. VEX U teams compete in the same game as VRC every year, but in a different league and with some minor modifications.

VEX U offers the following modifications compared to VRC:

  • Larger robots (24“ cubed)
  • 3D printing (an unlimited number of 3”x6“x6” parts)
  • Third party and custom sensors
  • Removal of the alliance selection process


VEX U was introduced as the VEX College Challenge during the Elevation season. The VEX College Challenge typically offered slight modifications to the VRC game, such as the taller goals in Round Up. This was done away with when the VEX College Challenge became VEX U.

Traditionally, VEX U allowed teams to compete with two robots, one 15“ cubed robot and one 24” cubed robot. This rule was changed for the Starstruck season and beyond, restricting teams to just one 24“ cubed robot.

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